Always on Guard

Our Attendance Management System is designed for companies dealing in health and fitness and education domains. The AMS is connected to our cloud database where we authorize access to the organization by providing login credentials. The organizations can login and monitor attendance of their individuals on an hourly or weekly basis.

With the easiest interface and real-time integrations, our attendance software happens to be the most robust.

Contactless Face Recognition

Using face recognition, you can automate attendance management, eliminating the paperwork that can be time-consuming. The scanners installed at the entrance gates detect extracted features of a facial image and compare it with features present in the database. It records in-time from the moment an individual enters a premise and records the last exit data of the individual for the day.

Track Hours

Manage and track hours of members and students in real-time as the system records each entry and exit of an individual throughout the day.

Cloud Environment

The database is maintained in a cloud environment that enables the owner to access data remotely. We provide authorised access to our clients by sharing login credentials with them. These login credentials can be used anytime, from anywhere to monitor movement, stored as data, of the individuals.

Alert Based System

Owners get system generated alerts whenever a member’s payment due date is arriving. Our system sends an automated message to the owner whenever an individual’s subscription hours are expiring.