Attract, Identify and Hire Candidates Fast

Dridae ATS is complete end-to-end recruitment lifecycle product that enables electronically managing recruitment and hiring needs. Applicant Tracking System is crucial to both small and large organizations to efficiently track and manage their hiring process. It is user-friendly which can be customized as per customer’s need/choice.

Benefits of Dridae Applicant Tracking System:

Speed up your recruitment process
Our ATS software allows you to speed up the recruitment process to save a huge amount of time to be utilized on other important tasks. Our efficient system allows you to list jobs on multiple job boards simultaneously in a few clicks.
Our software automates initial screening of the CVs using complex filters to match candidates with the job descriptions. It automatically rejects the unsuitable profiles and assigns rating to the rest based on the matching criteria.
The system facilitates collaborative hiring as every recruiter has the ability to assign a rating to the candidates. The HR teams can share notes and ratings on each candidate easily and quickly.
The entire process is designed in a way to improve quality of hire. From initial screening to getting the candidate on-board, it simplifies the otherwise complex process and saves time by improving quality of hire at the same time.
Apart from easing the entire hiring process, the system also enables an enhanced candidate experience. From job searching to getting hired, our applicant tracking system is designed to elucidate the candidate’s experience of getting hired.