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Dridae’s Strategic Recruitment Solutions team is a seasoned recruitment team dedicated and focused to the IT domain. Our team understand the specific talent needs of our customers in IT domain given the vast industry experience they possess.

Leadership hiring is our core competency as we connect with different IT firms with respect to domain mapping to meet their talent needs. Our relations with IT domain companies in the past have probably made us most stable and best resourced company in the area. We are indisputably placed well to find talented and impactful professionals to fill the leadership roles of our clients. Our team has a deeper knowledge of industry and domain which makes us stand out from the crowd.

We have assisted a large number of companies for their leadership staffing needs in India and abroad.

We are specialised in domain specific recruitment services which is rare to find anywhere else. We source candidates having experience in the particular domain by creating more data inputs of the recruit specific to domain. We have a sufficient seasoned recruitment team who carefully select profiles matching the skill sets required for the job.

  • Dridae's sourcing strategies ensure that our clients get the best talent by attracting top talent from different sources.
  • Our Recruitment Services empower companies to build their talent pipeline.We develop a well-defined recruitment strategy for our clients based on their organisational values and future plans.
  • We source, screen and shortlist candidates from a huge data pool that increases the probability of finding the best fit candidate for the job.

Why Partner with Us?

We are leading specialist recruitment consultancy firm that offers unique benefits to our clients.

Wider Reach

We source candidate profiles from various platforms to help companies find the best talent.

Satisfied Customers

We help companies find niche talent for entry level as well as senior management roles.

Experience Counts

Our team bring over a decade of experience in IT recruitment field.

Innovative Sourcing Solutions

We employ a range of innovative sourcing solutions to find the best available talent.